This next “In The Margins” post will be leaning away from the book of the month club selection THIS TIME, and will be more of a mix post….adventures of reading/in the margins combination.

I’m flying out to good old San Antonio and wanted to visit some literary sites. Naturally, I had a hard time finding some literature sites but was overwhelmed with the history of the Alamo and Texas Independence during my research. What I found was a popular book by Stephen Harrigan, and I thought to myself…how cool would it be to read a national best seller on the subject WHILE I’m literally THERE!

So, I booked a hotel at the Davey Crockett Hotel and it’s literally right across the street from the Alamo. I checked out “The Gates of the Alamo” and started to read.

The book was a little larger than I anticipated at 577 pages! AND SMALL PRINT!

So, right now as of Sunday night (10/6/19) I rounded out three chapters and find myself on page 67! Here come the next 500 pages in the margins! (We’ll see).

I’m sitting in the airport terminal in Sioux City, Iowa as I write this…hoping to get some reading before and during flight, and at a 2 hour busy lay over in Dallas, and maybe some tonight? I will check back through out the week and we will see how this “In The Margins” read of “The Gates of the Alamo” goes!

Here’s a picture of my current situation…I might have staged this pic with a little balancing act with the book on my suit case. 🙂


Here I come San Antonio!

Happy Reading!

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