Greene, Iowa…population of just a shade over 1,000! Nestled along the Shell Rock River, which includes an almost 7 mile stretch of unimpeded water, one of the longest stretches in the state.  The river provides wonderful opportunities for fishing, boating, canoeing, skiing and pontooning along with other water activities.  The river even offers opportunities in the winter for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling!

It’s been quite the adventure so far shifting the old blog over to The Country Pilgrim, but it’s exciting! Many thanks to Deb Brown for helping coach me along in failing forward with this blogging adventure (including my youtube channel). This blog is about rural America and the adventures to be found far and in-between! We’d love to visit your area, your town, or if you have some unique footage let us know in the comments below!

Greene was a fun town to visit, even though most of it was snowed over, and we were fortunate to have family in town to show us a thing or two! I’ll post a unique experience below…where we took a ranger out in the fields trying to get down in an old limestone quarrel in the area. We tried to ramp through but found the snow to be too deep, and nearly got stuck! Thankfully we were able to push our way out! Next time we’ll get some fun video footage on the Shell Rock River!


If you have time for a 10-minute view of the town…I’ll post it below. Have mercy on me…it’s my second video shoot EVER! (phone camera only….so keeping my eye out for some better video equipment! You’ll notice the switch from Random Dan (Me) to the Country Pilgrim. Yeehaw!

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