Sitting at the crossroads of Highway 59 and Highway 3 and nestled in the Little Sioux River valley in Northwest Iowa is the rural town of Cherokee, Iowa. Taking the time to explore the downtown area is definitely worth the trip, but as you take a stroll down Main Street make a point to stop and visit our second stop on the “Coffee Shop” tour. Mud On Main – which was an easy choice for the tour. You enter the front door to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and are instantly attracted by the wood floors and rustic feel of the shop. The store itself has been around for a while, but owner Jessica Kannegieter has added the brand to her existing coffee shop in downtown Aurelia, Iowa and now adds Mud On Main as a brilliant and charming addition to the downtown district in Cherokee.


Unfortunately, Jessica wasn’t in the coffee house that day, but we were greeted by two excellent barista’s (Becca and Merrick) and the customer service and mocha and food were top-notch!  Here are a few pics of the coffee house:


Last, but not least, we wanted to highlight two of the food items.

  • The Chicken Salad (Famous and Wildly Popular AND Highly recommended). 85218544_225143171977185_5805364103277719191_n


And for the second lunch meal…Chicken Bacon Ranch as a WAFFLE SANDWICH. Yes…you read that correctly. WAFFLE SANDWICH! It was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a coffee house! Worth the visit to Cherokee, Iowa to try!


Excited to come here again both for a mocha AND a waffle sandwich!

You can check out Mud On Main online at

(A five-minute video will be coming on Thursday, February 27th highlighting the 7 Day NW IOWA “Coffee Shop” Tour)

Until that time…go check this place out! — Dan

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