By definition, a town square is an area in the center of a town where traditionally people came together to meet, sell, buy, or be entertained. They often had markets or concerts and were often surrounded by shops or cafés.

With that as a backdrop…the Town Square Coffeehouse meets the criteria and definition. Located in the heart and center of downtown Orange City, it finds itself amidst the local Dutch culture and prides itself on being more than just a coffeehouse. It’s a vital piece to the community, a gathering place where people can meet and share ideas, plan and organize with the peaceful surroundings of a coffee shop vibe, everything that fits the philosophy central to its core, and add to this –the Town Square’s values are listed on the menu chalkboard: Community, hospitality, service, and respect.

Meet the masterminds behind this gathering place, Steve and Emily Mahr (Emily not pictured below)


Open for business since around 2014, the Mahr’s forged ahead with a dream and idea to create a “value center” where the success and beauty of the Coffeehouse is to have everything flow out of value and not the customer, in other words, to not stamp a dollar sign on an individual, to approach everything with community mindfulness, awareness, pride, all while serving with a servant’s heart.


The concept of Town Square is to shine a light on community and area products and goods. Serving local coffee, and tea (friends from Duluth, MN) and local brews, with local farm and dairy products. Local, Local, Local, and fitting within the theme to eat, drink, and shop local. It’s why I’m only focusing on Independent, local and rural businesses.

Town Square is currently at roughly 60% local with its products, with a goal to be at 80% in the near future. It’s this mindfulness and awareness that makes Town Square what it is, and I would highly encourage any tourist or local around this Northwest Iowa gem, to stop in and buy a lunch/dinner and drink! It’s quite the place and worth a side trip into downtown Orange City.


Food and drinks – I heard a rumor that they have this amazing homemade pop tart, or the “Sioux County Breakfast Burrito” where every ingredient included is from local food sources in Sioux County (recommended by friends). However, I had a fantastic fruit mixed with oatmeal for breakfast (Blueberries and Strawberries) a blueberry scone and Earl Gray Tea. I can’t say enough great things about their tea. It’s a homegrown local made tea from Duluth (I’ll still claim Duluth as “somewhat” local it’s only a 6-hour drive or a half-day drive). Zenith Tea Works – Facebook.com/zenithteaworks/ 


The oatmeal with fruit and scone was a perfect way to start my morning and just to shine a light on a venue for the Town Square they are a full kitchen serving all meals and open for dining in the evening as well, definitely worth both a morning or evening visit. (Rumor has it that the Chicken/Beef Pho is amazing when available!).


(A five-minute video will be coming on Thursday, February 27th highlighting the 7 Day NW IOWA “Coffee Shop” Tour)

Until that time…go Checkout Town Square!


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