If you were a fan of motion picture musicals than the next coffee shop will catch your eye and sweet tooth. The1968 showing of the movie-musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang featured the lead character of, none other than, Truly Scrumptious, played by actress Sally Ann Howes and opposite of actor Dick Van Dyke. Walking into the establishment in downtown Sheldon, Iowa, you feel the essence of the movie in and around you. It’s light, sweet, with a whiff of magical charm.

Meet the owners behind Truly Scrumptious (Lisa and Lyle Huff) and you will begin to appreciate the workmanship and artistry behind each loaf of bread, cake, soup, sandwich, or any other bakery item whipped up to perfection – that’s because every item is made from scratch – the old fashioned way – and dare I say, the right way?  Your mouth can tell the difference as well, biting into her luscious lemon cheesecake (pictured below) was like taking a small bite into heaven. Seriously SCRUMPTIOUS!



Walking into the downtown Sheldon location, I quickly discovered it was Fat Tuesday, and on the menu was one my favorite dishes, of Cajun Corn and Sausage Soup with a Muffaletta Panini – and of course, I had to show off one of their specialty drinks “The Toot Sweet”  (served with a fresh-baked scone) which is also featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. – what a treat!



Lisa and Lyle have been in business for 5 years, but the truth behind the story is that Lisa has been baking her mouth-watering cakes and bakery items for over 30 years! Sheldon has a sweet little store downtown, and if you are driving down Highway 60, or passing through on Highway 18, take some time and drive in and check out their food and drinks. Your tastebuds will surely thank you! Just a small town business serving up the flavor in a big way!



Check them out online at:


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