Spencer Main Street “Chili Quest & Beer Fest”

So, it’s time for a little fun! Here’s an idea that I took part in that any downtown or local main street association could organize.


The whole idea to bring people downtown where they get a portion of chili and a swig of beer in a purchased collectible mug! ALL WHILE GOING FROM SHOP TO SHOP!


I loved this idea because it got people downtown, and into local area business’ where MAYBE they’ve never been before! I know that for me personally, I was able to walk into FOUR new business’ that I’ve never stepped a foot inside before! It gave me a non-threatening excuse to walk inside, browse around and learn about local business. INCLUDING a new local Brew-Pub starting up in Downtown Spencer SOON!


Above is a couple pics of a vinyl record shop that exists in part of the electronics store downtown at Carey’s Electronics. I didn’t know they offered this as a side business, not to mention that he built a small theatre upstairs where they watch independent films on occasion! His prices were reasonable and it’s a small-town local, independent business! What a cool place!

Another place we stopped in to browse (as we ate tried different chili and rootbeer at this location) was a shop named Pressed.

This was a fantastic shop with super cool decor, pressed style jewelry, and other unique items, including hand-made pressed cards and custom print shirts! The best part about this shop is that everything can be made custom to order and their web presence is growing!


I wanted to show off these child-sized “Grown in the MIDWEST” shirts because I’m a bit partial to the heartland, but check out the cool card printing machine pictured at the top right. You can check out their website and story at www.pressedcollection.com

Other shops that I had a chance to see tonight: Carol’s Bakery, Steffen Furniture, Arts on Grand, Grand Antique Shop, The Hen House, Nelson Jewelry, The Beehive, and Community Insurance.


It was a terrific excuse to get downtown and mingle, and shop, eat some different chili, have a few sips of brew, and get acquainted with the local downtown business’.

If you live in a rural area, this would be a great idea and fits completely into the progressive-mindset (you’ll hear me talk about from time to time) and outside the box thinking to shine a light on buying and shopping local.

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