I want to give full credit for this article to WoodyBoater and I will post their full article below, for you to read. Click the link and check it out. I also want to give full credit to all the pics from Ned Protexter who reported on this story (plus the picture shown above). I’m just hoping that by posting his pic it will intrigue you enough to go check out the link below to read the article AND check out all of Ned’s pictures. NICE JOB!

I just wanted to get the word out because this story is just too cool! Plus, I live about 20 minutes from where they pulled the boat out of the ice!

And as you read the story below…just know that even in Iowa we have boat wrecks that are pulled up off the depths of a lake by underwater recovery experts! How do you like those apples!??

If you are in the area of Lake Okoboji for a summer vacation or weekend getaway, stop in at the Okoboji Maritime Museum! It’s a fun place to visit, not to mention having Arnolds park amusement park next door! More importantly, they are saying that the boat will be on display at the museum!

Go Check out the full article below at


Also, check out the Okoboji Maritime Museum website.


Just a few other mysterious, beautiful and adventurous things you can find in rural America!

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