One of the epic journeys I highly suggest you take if you are in or around the Grand Teton National Park is Mormon Row. It’s the photographic barns that you may have seen on popular postcards or scenic posts.

What are they? 

Obviously a bunch of barns…but I promise much more! The history of the district is woven through the Homestead Act of 1862, where land ownership was granted to any person willing to build a house and cultivate the area for 5 years! This brought Mormon settlers from around the Salt Lake City area in the 1890s where they established a community known as Grovont. This community is no longer, but a few of the barns and homesteads remain as a testimony of the time period. 

In the 1900s the Tetons National Park acquired the area for expansion of the park, and the area can be openly visited for photographs, and peaceful moments to take in the beautiful scenery.

john Moulton Barn smaller

John Moulton Barn – Photo by John Sullivan




It was always one of my bucket list items to see and photograph the barns, but the question was where are they and how do you find them“?  So, depending on what direction you are coming from…I listed a map below. This includes a scenic tip: #1 Take the Teton Park Road

barn map

My suggestion is that you come down from the Teton’s to see Mormon Row (and here’s why) it’s one of the most scenic roads in all of America. Honestly, go drive south on Teton Park Road (it connects Jackson Lake and circles around Jenny Lake) STOP AND TAKE PICTURES…these are some of the closest points along the road that you will come to the Tetons. The views are amazing and Scenic Tip #2 I would suggest doing a morning drive, get the natural sunlight coming from the east and bouncing off the mountains. It provides spectacular photo moments. The Teton Park Road will take you by Moose, Wyoming and to a T-Intersection along U.S. Highway 191, North of Jackson Hole Airport. Take the highway north (see map) and you will come to an area known as Black Tail Butte and directly past this area is Antelope Flats Road. Take this road east, and you will come upon Mormon Road. 

Along this route, we came upon the T.A. Moulton homestead, settled in 1910, and pictured below is the T.A. Moulton Barn that was built over 30 years before completion.

Barn pic 2


I find that scenic drives (like Mormon Row) on any trip make our vacations more valuable. I would suggest getting off the main path and exploring areas! Next time you are out West, and exploring Wyoming, don’t forget to check out this scenic drive! It’s well worth the time!

While you are at it…explore some of the nearby towns – Jackson Hole is to the south, but Moose, Wyoming holds the Chapel of the Transfiguration, the Maud Noble Cabin, and the Menors Ferry Historic District (1800s cabins and replica ferry. Definitely worth the side adventure around the national parks. Other notable towns to check out are Teton Village, pop. 330, Dubois pop. 974, Moose pop. 200, Wilson pop. 1400, Kelly pop. 138, Moran pop. 496 and Driggs Idaho pop. 1800. (Populations vary depending on latest census records). 

Check out the area on the website below.

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