We are lucky to have this park nearby that has awesome paved trails, and a pond next to the Little Sioux River. It’s a really cool place to come and collect thoughts, get exercise, practice social distancing and yet stay healthy and active.

Check out the 1 minute mark if you want a turbo hike (1 minute!!) Small trail.

You might have places like this near you, a park, a place where you can get out in nature and be active.

What places are near you or where do you go to get some sunshine with peace and quiet?

I’ll post a few more pics below, but what I love about this park, is that when we are out of the dark with Covid-19 there are places to picnic and have get togethers, places to hike, fish, kayak, and more. These are the type of places IMO that keep us sane, happy, and dreaming.

Stay safe, but don’t forget to self-care and get outside (if possible) and get some fresh and air and sun.




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