Loving on Small Business #2 (It’s a TRAVEL THING)

This week’s blog post takes us away from travel and tourism a little bit


This hits at the heart of something vital in travel, and that’s the money we spend in the places we go! One of the most pleasurable experiences in travel is when you come face to face with a unique piece of pottery, painting, shirt….anything really, brought to you by an artist.


There is something to be said about the experience in discovering something original and local. It helps the local economy by giving back to the area you are traveling. It helps the local artist and small business person by buying their goods and art and putting money in their pocket. It gives you a momento or souvenir to take back home and remind you of the experience and adventure. This is all part of the travel and tourism experience.


The Hard Part

This is the hard part of this post…I was supposed to support a local artist and go online and buy their goods in support. TIMES THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem with this is, as I started researching for an artist in my area, they were hard to find ONLINE. They either had a poor online presence or NO online presence. I could find an artist, but they were either outside my area or had no concept of how to display their goods online and price.

Lemons to Lemonade

I failed this part of the weekly challenge. HOWEVER, I wasn’t the only one to recognize this problem and had a quick email by an area development specialist that they are working on an online business platform for area business. A one-stop-shop for all small businesses free of charge to come and display their goods! This was music to my ears.

We move forward from this…and as we prepare for traveling in the future, we keep in mind how to do things differently. Shopping locally and virtually is another big step for rural areas…we are getting there! Keep making lemonade and locals and outside visitors will show up at your lemonade stand eventually!


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