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The world hit COVID-19 together and it’s impacted everyone around the globe, and here at home, it’s caused us to take pause and think about things. For travel bloggers and small business and economic development and consulting business,’ it’s been a challenging task to try and combat an economic crisis along with a health crisis. Quite frankly, you can’t have one without the other and there will be ramifications from this…but…like one of my earlier posts discussed “In what ways can we?”

We know things will be different moving forward, and we know that we need to move forward with caution (technically we’re not out of the woods yet). However, in what ways can we soften the blow? In what ways can we shed a light on small business, and throw them a lifeline? In what ways can we provide home and a helping hand that helps assure that nobody feels abandoned? For the small business that is out there hanging on by a thread…first, I’m sorry for what you are going through. I’m not trying to be this naive blogger that’s all ‘Pie in the sky” (but I’d sure love for that pie to become a reality for you…even if it’s just a nugget of hope.

IOWA SBDC (Small Business Development Center) heads up “The Support Small Business 5 Day Challenge”

Here’s what it looks like…Monday-Friday they will be letting us know what each challenge is and we are to follow up. So…

Monday – “Choose 3 small business, comment on their social media and share”


I decided because I live in one community (Spencer) and work in another (Sheldon) as well as participate on the county tourism board for O’Brien County, and work this blog (countrypilgrim.com) hitting all rural areas around, that I would cover 3 small business in each area! BOOOOM! Country Pilgrim style! So here it goes…..


I hit 3 main business virtually on their Facebook pages and commented on each site and shared on my own social media accounts. They were…

  1. Pressed


I love this business in downtown Spencer and I can go on and on! They really hit their mark with their jewelry which is all designed in house, but they offer a lot more with handcrafted and custom printed cards! They have a whole assortment of gifts which you can view on their website www.pressedcollection.com

Here’s what I did…I gave a thank you for the gifts they made for my sister-in-law’s dance studio and dance recital. I also shared and liked their Facebook page online and they immediately responded back with a thank you. Great business!


2. Carey’s Electronics


Downtown Spencer Iowa – it has electronics and entertainment systems and sound systems, but the hidden gem in this place is the collection of vinyl’s ready for sale! Vinyl collectors dream shop! And the page was liked and shared, and they responded back! What an awesome business! This is a place you want to check out for sure! Check them out www.careys-electronics.com

3. Weasy’s Lounge & Grille

The last shout out to Spencer was Weasy’s! If you are in town and if you are wandering through on Grand Avenue (HWY 71) you need to make a stop at this place. I mention the burgers because I feel they are some of the best in the area! Fantastic food! Try the Weaser Pleaser! My favorite! Not to mention the hospitality is top-notch! You feel at home. This place has been exceptional during COVID-19 and we have ordered carryout from them several times during the last month. They were liked and shared on Facebook! www.weasys.com



O’Brien County (represented by Sheldon today)

1. Langer’s Bar & Grill/Catering

This place is fantastic in Sheldon, Iowa. Everything from the burgers, and sandwiches, but wing night on Wednesdays is special! They are a popular local hot spot. Page was liked and shared and a few Sheldon faithful hopped on with their likes and comments as well! https://www.facebook.com/langers2010/


2. Truly Scrumptious

This place made my coffeehouse tour a few months back and I wanted to give them a small business shout out! They have the best bakery items and it’s not a joke! If you want cheesecake (and you are from around the area) stop messing around and go to this shop and order a real cheesecake. Best cheesecake I’ve ever had! Anyways, their Facebook page is liked and shared! They responded back to my post in about 30 seconds! That’s a sign of an amazing small business! https://www.facebook.com/lisahuff.trulyscrumptious/



3. Brady’s Pub

bradys burger

This is my last shout out for the O’Brien section and it goes to this little pub in Sheldon that I happened to stumble across on my way back to work. I stopped in and gave the food a try! Look above…Mic drop. Need I say more? This place is worth a stop and you can check out their page but the food is great! https://www.facebook.com/Bradys-Pub-466177027119446/


This last section is 3 random businesses around the area that I will choose…

1. The Book Vine – Cherokee, Iowa

book and wine

This shop is one of the best little finds in NW Iowa. If you are wandering through Cherokee, do yourself a huge favor and walk the downtown area – “Main Street” and get a feel for older downtown mid-west rural “small-town” and totally country pilgrim! Why? Because I grew up in this beautiful town! Check this shop out and you’ll get a feel for everything RIGHT in this world. Books, Wine, Good Company…

I need to get some better pics of this shop! For now, you get this itty bitty picture from their website. (The one above is NOT their shop. Sorry) New pics will be coming! www.thebookvine.com


Their page was liked and shared with the world on social media! Check them out! And when this whole COVID-19 thing ends…go buy everything on every shelf in this shop!

2. Webster City Custom Meats, Inc. -Webster City, Iowa

If you love meat…especially BACON…you need to check this place out! I bought a bunch of bacon from this business and it has been perfect! Perfect thickness, perfect smoked flavor, perfect taste, and (I know, I know…it’s bacon) trust me it’s really good!


I have a friend from Webster City and she agrees they have”some of the best meat in the world” They were liked several times on Twitter and Facebook and their page was liked and shared! So, giving love to bacon! Go check them out.



3. Woody’s Pizza – Estherville, Iowa



I’m giving a shout out to this place early! I have them on my great pizza tour but as we all know COVID-19 has been messing with the food industry! I’m thankful this place still was up and going with carry-out and delivery orders because it’s some of the best pizza in the state! Amazing how I read through some of the comments of locals complaining about waiting for a pizza during a world Pandemic. Interesting.

So… a little shout out and love on Woody’s social media page! They were shared and the cool thing about this little business… people were commenting from the other side of the state about this pizza! Estherville and the lakes area (you have a winner!)



And there you have it! Monday “Loving on Small Business Week”


See ya tomorrow!


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