National Travel & Tourism Week!


The Spirit of Travel

We are surely in unprecedented times within the Travel and Tourism industry. However, this thing is just ramping up in my eyes! Yes, things are going to have to be done differently this year, and perhaps in years to come, but travel and tourism are essential parts of economic growth and development! Therefore, they should never go away! Not only that, but travel and tourism are good for the soul!

This week we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week! I’m excited to announce a week full of exciting ideas surrounding the travel industry, starting with today

MONDAY “Travel Roadtrip Planning Day”


Yes…we have a road trip coming up in July. It’s been two years in the making and everything is pretty much set. Minus one little snag! COVID-19 hit! So, the trip isn’t canceled, but there have been a few major adjustments. We are headed through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and back! The changes will be mostly social distancing activities and scenic routes. The stops we have planned will have minor stops, but we will be prepared to alter the trip as we go depending on crowds. The goal will be to still travel and see scenic byways, national and state parks through our car, and through less-traveled routes, trails, and sites. So…today there has been planning, planning, and planning! Double-checking routes, and sites of interests, and preparing for alternate routes and activities.

My motto…you never plan to fail, unless you fail to plan! So, even though we hold a loose itinerary with freedom of flexibility in our trips, we also want to go into this vacation with an overall plan for our safety and for our enjoyment! So…look for the country pilgrim to get off the main road and hit back roads and real rural living in rural America! I can’t wait!

Travel is coming back!

With this being said…for those who are planning STAY-CATIONS for this time frame, this is the time to dream and start planning. Whether it’s later this year or next year, or whenever things start to get back to normal in the travel column for people, it never stops a person from planning and preparing for that trip. Also, this could be a great coping skill to help focus our mind ahead with the promise of travel around the corner — whenever that is for you!

travel road


Virtual Travel

Another option we have is to tour virtually! My brother did this the other day! Unfortunately, he had to postpone his trip to Italy for next year and is traveling within the U.S. to visit his newly born grandson instead (with proper precaution) and not a tough choice when you really think about it. He went on a virtual trip the other day through Rome, and while this is NOT the same as actually being there, it’s enough to wet our appetite and keep our eyes focused on better days ahead.

The Big Announcement!

TUESDAY, May 5th “Virtual Road Trip”

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the NTTW Virtual Road Trip via for National Travel and Tourism Week 2020 and I’m going to invite you to come along!

This will be all over social media 5/5/2020 so if you get a chance to check them out on Twitter or Facebook, go ahead and check out #nttw20 #VirtualRoadTrip @ustravel and there should be a schedule via the website.

The Country Pilgrim is set to tweet several spots including my beloved state of Iowa – which is scheduled to be on the virtual road trip @ 4:00 p.m. Central!

Happy Traveling!



3 thoughts on “National Travel & Tourism Week!

    • Right now things are going day by day. Some of the areas have opened, and some have remained closed. We are still evaluating it daily up through mid-July. Someday…when this becomes safer to travel overseas, we will venture further out and visit Australia, my friend. For now…I hope that you and your loved ones are safe.

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