O’Brien County Barn Quilt Tour continued…


Heemstra Barn

Part 2 of the O’Brien County Barn Quilt Tour continues through the surrounding areas of Paulinna and Primghar.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the entire tour, you can find it online at the county website www.obriencounty.com

Just click on the “tourism” tab at the top and it will lead you to the tour, with a full list of addresses, and GPS coordinates.

What I Love About This Tour! PEOPLE

The people and the stories…if you are lucky you’ll have an opportunity to talk with some of the owners of these barn quilts. (Even if you are standing at a 6 ft distance) I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of the above barn quilt – Lois Heemstra and she shared the entire story of how they came to the farm, and how the barn quilt came to be! Heemstra shared, “My granddaughter helped me design it and we wanted to include all the area school colors!” Not only did her granddaughter help her, but so did others…complete with a lift truck, because Heemstra estimates the quilt is around 500lbs or more!

It certainly is a beautiful barn quilt with its distinct colors, and it amazes me the stories of these places. We live in a beautiful area if we were to simply slow down and take it all in! In fact, there were quite a few barn quilts I started to observe that WERE NOT on the tour! Wouldn’t it be great to have all these barn quilts mapped out! Check out the American Flag Quilt!

Primghar Address Quilts


If you are swinging through Primghar make a pit stop for a bite to eat, grab water or soda and turn into the fairgrounds. Straight back towards the fair office and off to the left/east, you will find these delights.

What a fantastic addition to the tour! I love the unique design on each quilt with different colors. It makes for a fun day!

Headed South on Hwy 59 to Paulinna

Most of the quilts are found in town with the tour, but take your time to check out some of these exceptional quilts. The first one below is found on a silent corner street (almost fools you to be dead in) that sits back and there sitting in the open is this quilt –


My friend and fellow tourism-lifestyle blogger minivan adventures from Michigan spotted the quilt on social media and explained “That is my favorite one! Looks like a sunflower!”

(By the way, if you are a young family looking for super near ideas for traveling with kids…check out her blog. April knows her stuff!) EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS – She’s still fun to read! www.minivanadventures.com Especially if you are headed up to Michigan area!

Back to the Barn Quilt Tour



The last two were in a residential area on the northside of Paulinna and are viewable from the street. Beautiful and unique.

The tour continues in part 3 and 4 with the north half of the county in the surrounding communities of Sheldon, Sanborn, and Hartley!

If there is any barn quilt we are missing (and I know there are quite a few) we’d love to add them to the list and future tours. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog or send a message to the O’Brien County Tourism Facebook  Page (www.tourobriencountyFB)

I’m putting together a short video of the tour – hopefully, I get a chance to finish that soon! Cooperate weather! =)

-Stay Safe and Happy! – Dan

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  1. My family loves roadtrips like this where you have something interesting to look for along the way! Thanks for the shout out, too!

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