The Return of the Road Trip

I’ve had several conversations and discussions recently about summer travel. Are you traveling? Should you travel? If so…how should you travel? Where should you go? What should you do? These are all great and valid questions for the time we are living in with COVID-19, so I thought I would dive into a few of these questions. First-a Disclaimer- These are my personal opinions on travel. Each individual person needs to do what they feel comfortable doing and not feel bullied or harassed with what they feel is best for their situation. Some people have painfully canceled or postponed their travel this summer, and others have decided to go forward with travel – the below post reflects a few growth mindset possibilities for travel this summer, along with some stay-cation ideas as well. Let’s stay together in this, no matter your opinion on COVID-19 and travel and tourism 

Should You Travel? If so…how should you travel?

Yes. You should travel if comfortable. There’s the short answer. HOWEVER, be prepared for A LOT of PLANNING. If you have your reservations and trip planned in advance, now is the time to revisit those reservations and plans. You need to call each hotel, resort, campground, and place of lodging and double-check on #1 If they are open #2 What their cancellation policies are #3 If they are open and you choose to stay at the location – what policies and procedures have changed with check-in, check-out, are there any new rules such as No pool, no kid play area open, no restaurant available, and so forth.

Be flexible and prepared to alter course.

You may have decided to go to a museum or attraction this summer. This could potentially be a problem with #1 are they open? #2 If they are open is there too many restrictions and is it something you want? #3 Are there large crowds? – You may need to change your plan.


Be prepared to be checked and screened, and be OK with it, because this is where we are at right now. Therefore, you should travel being mindfully aware.

EXAMPLE: RESTROOMS (are they open along your travel route? It’s important to be mindful where they are located, if they are open, are there any restrictions, rest stops, convenience stores, and so forth). 

There is a really good youtube post about this from my friend Kay (fellow blogger at who goes into a lot of great options to think about. It’s worth a watch or listen.


Tourism Numbers and WHY it’s important to consider Travel and Tourism.

I want to share some figures that I obtained from the  U.S. Travel Association and want some of the figures to sink in. 

Declines in travel spending have caused a loss of $20.3 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue since March 1

  • The U.S. economy is projected to lose 8 million jobs by the end of April
  • Travel industry losses will result in a GDP impact of $1.2 trillion in 2020
  • Travel declines in 2020 will result in a loss of $80 billion in taxes this year


  • Most respondents do not feel safe today in any public venue:
    • 34%feel safe today in parks
    • 31% feel safe today at grocery stores/supermarkets
    • 14% feel safe today at outdoor concerts/festivals
  • Most travelers (68%) still feel safe today in their personal vehicles ***************************************************************
  • One in five travelers are willing to drive 500 or more miles one-way for a leisure trip during the next six months

Travel is important. A travel magazine editor said that 1 out of 10 jobs are created and held because of the travel industry WORLD-WIDE. So should you travel??? Yes. You should travel! But safety first!

Check out the figures I highlighted in blue up above. 68% of travelers feel safe in their vehicles. 1 out of 5 travelers is WILLING to drive 500 miles or more ONE…WAY! 

Do you know what this figure is telling me? It’s telling me that the Great American Road Trip is BACK! It makes perfect sense. You can control going to outside settings, you can stay in your vehicles FOR THE MOST PART (on gas and stopping…see Kay’s YouTube Post). You can check out National and State Parks with hiking, camping, and being outdoors. (Yes, being mindful of those around you). This includes a beach if there aren’t large crowds and if you are being MINDFUL and watching the distance between those in an area.

Check out state, and national scenic drives and byways! You can do it from the safety of your vehicle!

My friend and co-founder www.midwesttravelnetwork.comSara Broers wrote a powerful post about this whole concept! Travel doesn’t need to cease, it needs to evolve. This includes how we eat, lodge, travel, pack, and on and on. Check out her post about The Return Of The American Road Trip!

Last But Not Least…The Stay-cation

I’m going to dedicate an entire blog post on the stay-cation – so this one will be short, but consider short day trips, and stay-cations as well. There is plenty to do in your own back yard!

I know there are a lot of different opinions on traveling this summer. Just know that all opinions are welcome. It’s ok to agree to disagree and to have an open discussion about things. So tell me…how are your feelings about traveling this Summer? What are your thoughts?





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