Well…I finished the tour (literally last night), and as I blog this I think back on how long this took capturing the barn quilts listed on this tour (which you can find at www.obriencounty.com ). Just look under the tourism tab and the tour will be listed, with a complete address list and GPS coordinates on where to find the barn quilts.

I made a full video of the tour for the county – which you can watch below.




The story of Morris and Judy


I had one last barn to capture both video and photo with and it was the Morris and Judy barn (picture above).

I found this barn and it was the last on the tour, and I was greeted by (naturally) Morris and Judy!!! They felt bad because they had another quilt that had been recently blown down from the recent storms, and meanwhile I’m sitting there outside staring at this beauty of a quilt with their name on it! They both went into detail of how the barn was used with livestock back in the day, and how they felt bad that they hadn’t repainted it yet – but have plans to in the future. I learned about the barn, the quilts, and their story moving to the farm and it was beautiful!

It really wrapped up the entire tour and just highlighted something for this old blogger/videographer – that it’s not about barns, quilts, coffeehouses, libraries, or any building. It’s not about travel or tourism.

It’s about people.

It’s about their stories, and what makes us delicately, beautifully, and honestly HUMAN. Without the people in the story, it’s just A STORY. Add people and it becomes a MEANINGFUL LIFE ADVENTURE, one that I would say “I’m blessed to be on.”


Dan – The Country Pilgrim



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    1. The tour is worth the drive if you love barns and barn quilts. We are losing a piece of our history in rural America with the barns slowly beginning to fade away into the sunset – giving way to larger steel buildings. O’Brien has some unique and beautiful barn quilts!


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