So, it’s amazing how busy things get when you blog and follow it up with a VLOG post every Monday and Friday!! So, now I have video production called “A VLOG ABOUT A BLOG” which you can find over on YouTube under Country Pilgrim as well!

My latest project is a video celebrating my mother and father’s 25th Anniversary trip to Hawaii – which is extra special because they will be celebrating their 65th Anniversary this year on 7/17/2020.


It’s a fantastic thing! Not just the fact that instilled in me a sense of adventure and travel, but that they are hitting the big 6-5! WOW!


I have a behind the scenes video posting tomorrow June 15th at 8:00 A.M. (But I’ll post a sneak peek here on the blog) and it shows a few things while putting the video together. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL 25th Video! That’s coming later in July!

It’s amazing what travel can do for us…but having family and making memories at the center of it all?? It makes it extra special. 

Here’s one last picture of me (when I was about 4) hugging my mom and dad as they got off the plane from Hawaii.


Kind of puts things in perspective. =)

If you can…go hug a loved one! Dan – The Country Pilgrim


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