I was fortunate to get down to San Antonio beforeCOVID-19 hit, and wanted to share some more pics from that adventure before this summer vacation out east takes off full swing! I was able to post a new video with “Vlog About A Blog” on my YouTube channel (country pilgrim).

The thing about San Antonio that really grabbed my heart (not bad for a city…) is the amount of history and beauty in and around the downtown area. The Alamo naturally takes center stage with the history, but the riverwalk is NOT to be missed if you are visiting!


If you walk across the street you can see more of what was the fort “Alamo” and the Southwest wall remains are still there (where the Mexican Army broke through during the final battle). If you walk east down Alamo Plaza and across Houston and along the Hotel Gibb’s, at the corner is a marker that marks what would have been the SE corner of the Alamo. You can gain a perspective of HOW BIG the Alamo was by turning around and looking back where the mission stands from the SE corner.

And with famous names of the Texas Revolution like – Colonel Travis, James Bowie, Davey Crockett, … the Alamo lives in history as a mark of Texas Indepance. Below are a few more pics of the Alamo. It’s worth a visit if you are in San Antonio.

Steps away from the Alamo —

“The Riverwalk”

San Antonio has the largest urban ecosystems in the nation with the Riverwalk — running approximately 15 miles, it’s an excellent way to visit the downtown area, either taking a riverboat barge cruise or walking along and shopping the many different shops or take in a bite to eat at many dining options!



Taking in everything that San Antonio has to offer can far exceed just the Alamo and Riverwalk, but if you had a short week, this would be a fantastic option! Taking in the architecture along with the beauty of the San Antonio river and history of the Alamo would give you plenty to do!


San Antonio is a great place to visit, just remember WHEN you are visiting that Summer heats get well over 100 degrees! If you are traveling through the Summer months come prepared, otherwise in the Fall and Winter its dips into the 80s and cooler.

If you’ve been, or plan on going in the future – hit me up in the comments. It would be fun to compare notes of lovely San Antonio!

Dan – The Country Pilgrim

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