Another Country Pilgrim Adventure! This time it leads us further into O’Brien County, Iowa – to Getting’s Garden, where we had the opportunity to pick strawberries! It was a great experience and if you are looking for a staycation idea in your travels…here is one for you.

Staycation Idea – Pick Strawberries and make Jam

So, outside of the town of Sanborn, Iowa is this beautiful berry farm and it was packed with different families that were out social distancing and picking berries – separating each other by every other row. It was perfect! The weather was great, the strawberries were ripe, and the company was even better! Family! If you are traveling around the area in NW Iowa, SW Minnesota, SE South Dakota, or Eastern Nebraska, go on a little road trip up to Sanborn and Getting’s Garden and pick some fresh strawberries! You won’t regret the time or the fresh berry taste!

Check below to see our “Strawberry Adventure”!!


We filled the strawberries by flat and worked our own row until the flat was full. It was a yummy time! Naturally, we had to sample them as we picked! =)\

The finished product brought us back home where we put the strawberries together with rhubarb for some fresh strawberry-rhubarb jam!




For your next traveling trip…try stopping at a fruit farm or orchard! Especially with summer upon us! It’s a wonderful time and gives you a great activity while on vacation or road-tripping across America! Even if you are staycationing it…it’s a perfect staycation activity to do with the kids! Just search up some great jam or pie recipes online and have a blast!

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