I was excited to head back to the “Glacial Trail” Scenic Byway and play a music gig with my friend Jill at a little rural winery called Innspiration Winery – outside Linn Grove, Iowa. It’s a great scenic trail to explore in NW Iowa, and the winery offers a place to stay AND fun activities from canoeing, fishing, camping, exploring the vineyard, and of course wine tasting!




We had some practice time before heading down that night, and had a great crowd! Here are a few shots of our promo photoshoot and the night of wine and music!

The winery is easy to find…just off the main highway heading out of Linn Grove on 170th or Weaver Street. Hang a right (Northbound) or left (Southbound) on 510th Street…and head about a mile East to 1790 510th St., Linn Grove, Iowa. (Home of Innspiration Winery).

Come check out the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway – stay the night at the winery- and check out a map because it’s close to a lot of fun places in the mid-west if you are traveling. It’s about  2 hours from Sioux Falls and Sioux City and about an hour from the Iowa Great Lakes “Okoboji” so come check them out!


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