Winter in the Subtropics

Ahhh Australia, how I long to visit you! Here is a blog post about my blogging friend who lives in Brisbane, Queensland -where it’s currently Winter. It’s about 8 degrees Celsius/about 46 degrees Fahrenheit here in Iowa – Which would put us in a mild Winter or cooler Fall. =) I think if it would hit about 10-20 degrees warmer it would be PERFECT weather! But…for Winter in the Mid-West – we’d take close to 50 degrees any day! I love this bloggers posts about literature and other things – Go check out Gretchen’s Blog!

Thoughts Become Words

IMG_20200601_173006Cold and frosty morning 2020 © Gretchen Bernet-Ward

In the depths of a July winter here in Brisbane, Queensland, I am sitting with a cold nose and knees, contemplating warmer weather.  Our winters probably seems mild to those countries with ice and snow.  We have misty mornings then clear blue skies and by lunchtime some clothing layers can be removed for a couple of hours before the cold creeps in again.

The issue is home heating.  Of course, I am not talking about the hermetically sealed grey boxes of the millennium.  This older house is built like thousands of others—for the heat.  We don’t have a fireplace, we don’t have insulation, we don’t have ducted heating, but we do have reverse cycle air-conditioning.  Problem is the unit swirls the air around at the edges so it never feels warm enough.

Brrr!  This is where an old three-bar radiator…

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