One thing we always love doing on any vacation is turning up the dial (in terms of adding adventure to our travel) whether it’s white water rafting, exploring trails and caves, rock-climbing, horseback riding, and this trip we tried our hand at zip-lining!


If you never tried zip-lining – I highly suggest it! It’s a great time and gives you an opportunity to see a different view of the area you are traveling!

This time – because we were short of time and didn’t have long to do more zip-lining we chose Adventure Park at Five Oaks. It was pretty close to everything around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and had 7 different lines to explore the treetops and getting up to 50 mph – including a race zip line at the end, which was perfect for the competitiveness in our family to see who was top dog in zip-lining (note: it wasn’t me).

There are a ton of options in the smoky’s for good zip lining – just google “Zip-lining in the Smoky’s” and you’ll have plenty to choose from! I will admit that we had a super positive experience with Adventure Park at Five Oaks – and though they don’t allow you to video or take pics while on the ride (due to liability) there are plenty of pics they take for you at the end of the zip-line tour.



Check them out at 

Dan – The Country Pilgrim giving thumbs up!

Tami – Holding on for the ride

Kadyn – First Zippin down the line!

Kaleb – Giving the peace sign and zipping down the line!


All in all – it was a fun experience and would likely do it again! Make sure to listen to the guides as they take you along, and zip with enthusiasm! =)



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