Solsma “Punkin” Patch

Fall in Northwest Iowa brings in harvest, with the crops in the field, apples in the orchards, and most especially pumpkins! Should I even start to get into the different varieties? Different colors with oranges, yellow’s, whites, and the different range of our seeded friends from miniature to huge!

Don’t forget the squash! Whether it’s from acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash. The list goes on and on from gourds, and other fun treats found in the local rural pumpkin patch!

This specific patch Solsma Punkin Patch has been around and in business for over 21 years outside Sanborn and Hartley, Iowa.

If you are curious about the mis-spelling of “pumpkin patch” – well, there is a story behind that too! You can check out the Solsma video below – but the story behind it is how the owner’s grandpa used to call her “Punkin” so the name stuck!

The Pumpkin Patch – A rural delight

I love pumpkin patches and everything they have to offer. If you are looking to escape into a rural setting, and want to have a fun time exploring, playing, picking out pumpkins and other items, getting into Fall decorating and festive moods – there is no better place then the pumpkin patch. It shouts “Rural-America” and why is that such a big deal? Because it helps you escape the hustle and bustle of urban life – even if you’re simply in a small town. Get out in the country and take a stress-free stroll through a pumpkin patch!

Corn Maze Adventure

Another thing I would check on is if the pumpkin patch has a corn maze? I found myself reliving my childhood and finding delight in walking through and exploring the Corn Maze at Solsma Punkin Patch. There were twists and turns, different paths, cross-roads where decisions needed to be made – some that led you down the right path towards exiting the corn maze and some that led you further down the wrong path to a dead-end. Insider Tip – It’s easy to get lost in a corn maze – ask for a map! If you have children – sometimes its wise to ask for a “marking device like a flag”. I was thankful that the owner talked me into a map they made! I took a few wrong turns!

It’s Fun!

Seriously, the entire trip to a pumpkin patch is not only adventurous, but it’s fun! Many different activities can present themselves at the local patch – including a corn maze (shown above) and below there can be other activities from games, bouncy houses, food and beverage vendors, and even a little basketball shootout (pictured below) in rural fashion!

There are many great pumpkin patches to visit! Solsma Punkin Patch is found in O’Brien County in Northwest Iowa. The map and directions are listed below. If you are nearby or passing through stop and give them a howdy from the Country Pilgrim! (If you miss pumpkin patch season – never fear! – They have fireworks and other things for sale in their shop! Check out their website and plan a visit! It’s worth the trip!

All credit and rights for the video is by captain claire on youtube. Also found on the Solsma website. Used by permission of the Solsma’s

You can find the Solsma Punkin Patch at 6190 320th – Sanborn, IA 51218 –

or click here for Solsma Punkin Patch Facebook Page.

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