The Rushing Water of the Big Sioux River

The park covers over 143 acres as the Big Sioux River makes its way over the rocky quartzite landscape and tumbling down a set of falls and rapids through the park, resulting in approximately 7,000 gallons of water going through the falls every second. Visit the falls by climbing around the rocky structures, going across a bridge landing, or on top of the five-story observation tower – which sits attached to the Falls Park Visitors Center. Another great viewing vantage point is on the observation deck at Falls Overlook Café. Bring a camera because you will have plenty of photo opportunities while visiting the falls.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Perfect Spot!

Sioux Falls is a beautiful destination by itself for vacation or travel and tourism, but it is a great place to stop and gather yourself as a sleep-over spot en route to the Bad Lands and the Black Hills. Sometimes, Sioux Falls is considered a gateway destination for the Black Hills (still a good 5 – 6 hour drive across the state of South Dakota) but if you were driving from the Eastern part of the United States, it could be a consideration for a stopping destination.

It’s interesting to see this area and get a bigger picture of what the infamous Wisconsin Glacier did to this area thousands of years ago. Giant rock formations being drug state by state, carving out valleys and bluffs, with East and West rivers being pushed to redirect North and South. It’s a geological wonder and a beautiful place to come and watch a beautiful waterfall.


One last bit, is that Falls Park is open year round. In fact, one of the bucket list items that we DID NOT get to cross off our list this year was attending the spectacular winter fest lights at Falls Park during the winter months. Locals will attest that no other time matches the beauty of the falls like the decorative and festive lights of the holidays! The lights and sounds bring it all together in winter wonderland fashion! I promise to update this post next year and bring you some festive pictures of Falls Park in the winter.

If you are driving East or West on I-90 or North and South on I-29 in South Dakota and are near Sioux Falls, it’s worth a visit! You can find Falls Park at 131 E. Falls Park Drive, Sioux Falls – South Dakota.

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  1. It is a beautiful spot. We stopped there a few years ago on our way west. The funny thing is, I thought Sioux Falls was just a name until the bartender at our hotel told us there was actually a waterfall. We could have driven right on and missed it entirely.


    1. Sheila, it’s true. I have lived within a couple hours of Sioux Falls my entire life and oblivious about the falls! Just goes to show how much we have right in our own backyards and unaware! Thanks for reading and commenting – I always appreciate it.

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