Picture by Dan Cline – Downtown Spencer Iowa

Car Show Mania!

If you love cars – and when I say cars, I mean everything from classic muscles cars of the 70s to classic beauties from the 60s, vehicles ranging from the 50s and strolling right through the years up to today. Cars, trucks, hot rods, low riders, and even a few motorcycles – Grand Avenue, in downtown Spencer-Iowa, transforms itself into a living breathing car show. One spectator said, “It’s like taking a walk through a time machine seeing all these cars – and looking around and seeing some of my classmates from years ago going crazy over the same cars we drove when I was a kid”.

Grand Avenue (which runs smack dab through the middle of town) is lined on both sides of the street with cars, some with their hoods and trunks open to show off their interiors and motors, even the side streets are jam-packed with some of the best models – and if that wasn’t enough to wet a gearheads thirst, the entre spectacle takes shape when other classic cars start cruising “the strip” and head up and down Grand Avenue and giving the car show its famous name “The Grand Cruise” because that’s exactly what it is – a cruise. You can walk it, drive it, take quick glances, or long-drawn-out star gazes – reminiscing about yesterday’s gone by.

It’s About The Festivals!

The Grand Cruise takes place during Flag Festival in Spencer (Typically the second weekend in June) and I have it marked as “One of N.W. Iowa’s Top Festivals” the Grand Cruise is one of the main highlights that keep making Flag Fest a stop worth making when you are looking into Summer Festivals in Iowa. Take in the entire festival from the parade to activities out at the Clay County Fair – but make sure to close out the event by partaking in the car show – it’s one that will stay with you – and help top the list to some of the fun and interesting car shows!

If you are from the Midwest, one thing is for sure, it’s all about the festivals! Every town has its celebrations or the special holiday that makes it stand out with pride, or maybe its a celebration of a heritage that dominates the area – whether Irish, Dutch or German – whatever it may be – pumpkin, watermelon, apple, sweetcorn, – even a celebration of the classic automobile following the time-honored celebration of paying respect to the American Flag, just like Flag Festival in Spencer! Take a look below and experience a Country Pilgrim’s firsthand experience of walking the Grand Cruise!

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