5. Figure Eight Races!

If you’ve never experienced racing – then there is no better way to get your feet wet in the world of racing, than on an old figure-eight dirt track! There’s plenty of dirt and mud flinging in the air – the racing is competitive, and the atmosphere is electric. People drive to Primghar from all over the region to watch the races. For some – it might seem more like a crash-up derby, but make no mistake that competitive racing is in full swing!

4. Great FOOD! Fuel Up at “Just One More”

There’s a secret in Primghar, Iowa – and that secret is starting to get out as locals flock to the local golf course to fuel up on some of the best food around at “Just One More” – don’t be fooled by the scenery – its more than a county club and golf course – it’s an entire dining experience. Bring the whole family – sit back and relax after a round or two of golf and help yourself to a burger and fries! Insider Tip – Don’t waste time and go for the Chipotle Burger. Chef Mike built himself a winner with this burger and it’s by FAR a local favorite! Everything good, piled high on a beef patty – makes the world a better place.

3. Walk Down-Town

One of the best things a person can do to learn a few things about small-town America is to walk the downtown district. There might be only a few businesses open or around, but if you are lucky, you can experience a little bit of genuine life and country town living in doing so. Primghar is no exception to this rule, but if you wander around long enough you’ll learn a quick history lesson. Fact: There is only ONE Primghar in the world and the name is as original as they come, celebrating the creation of a name invented by taking the first letter of each name and building a one-of-a-kind acronym: Primghar.

Walk across the street from where the mural is seen and you will find the veterans memorial – just a small memorial, but honorable in mighty ways – highlighting the names of the men and women who gallantly gave their lives. The memorial is a nice site to visit, but after a few minutes of discovering it – you can walk further around downtown and discover a fun little watering hole “The Cobblestone Bar” where you can experience one of their famous drinks.

2. Great Specialties! Enjoy an OLD-FASHIONED

The Cobblestone serves up some of the best drinks around, but they might be most famous for their one-of-a-kind Old Fashions – The drink is made to perfection and Rivals is a perfect place to experience your first! Take a short stroll downtown, stop for a drink and make your way. The drink itself is a taste of perfection – if you are a bourbon drinker, this is the one! Give it a try!

  • Picture credit – Katy Flint – of travel blog Flint and Co

1. History

Make sure to cross the street and check out the O’Brien County Courthouse -Primghar holds its place in history as the county seat of O’Brien, but there was a time when that seat was challenged. Sanborn, Iowa (to the North) had the railroad passing through their town and felt it would be best if they were the county seat – especially when Primghar seemed to lose its traction as a county seat when the railroad didn’t pass through. One day – a bunch of Sanborn residents left for Primghar to break into the courthouse and steal the county seat back to Primghar. The locals weren’t buying into the act and came to greet them – with a few choice words, but essentially with a few wagon wheels being taken off the carts! (You can actually see some of these wagon wheels that were torn off inside the courthouse). This caused a minor riff between the communities, but Primghar was able to remain the county seat and remains the county seat today.

The O’Brien County Court House is like a living museum – not only does it function as an everyday, working, functioning courthouse, but it also holds some of the biggest historical stories within the county (like the wagon wheel story above).

Primghar is in the exact middle of O’Brien County – and fairly easy to find sitting on Highway 59 – and just a short drive north to Highway 18. It’s a nice rural destination to check out and stay off the grid for a few nights. Come check out and stay overnight in a grain bin – Bill’s Cabin which is a fun and unique way to enjoy a nice quiet evening in rural America!

  • Photo credit above to Katy Flint of the blog – Flint and Co

What I love most about a nice quiet stop like Primghar is you have the chance to not only get away, and go off the grid, but surround yourself in a nice quiet, rural setting. The location is easy to get to from both Highway 59 and Highway 18 – it’s close to interstate 90 in Minnesota (about 45 minutes south) and about an hour north of Sioux City, IA. There are parks, and small things to do – but if you are seeking solitude in a quiet and nice setting – Primghar makes a GREAT rural town to come visit!

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