Welcome to my site! I wanted a place where I could share thoughts, and footage (both video, photo, and written word) on rural America, both the back and front country – from the Mid-West (My stomping grounds in Spencer and Cherokee, Iowa) to the Far North, Deep South, and East to West Coast of this beautiful country. I love traveling, but I also love experiencing the unique and interesting, SOMETIMES found just off the beatin’ path! I love small-town America and discovering the people that make it come alive.

My name’s Dan, I’m a 44-year-old husband and father of two great kids! Love life and all aspects of it! I’m an Iowan through and through but love all areas far and in between in all 50 states! Currently, adding to the background of this site, I’m currently in my Master’s of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. My main emphasis with that study is looking at “growth-mindsets” and how it works with organizations in rural areas with both profitability and sustainability. I know, that’s a lot! In simple language: What makes rural areas grow and/or sustain? What makes travelers like you and myself travel to some of these places? And…if you are exploring and asking yourself, “Why would I visit rural America?” – I’d love to give you a few good reasons why!

Yes- I find myself in pretty cool places, and inside some pretty cool businesses, but overall…I find myself continually connecting to real, genuine, sincere and every day amazing people! For that…I am thankful.

Feel free to connect with me! It’s always great making new friends and would love to capture some high-quality content in your area and if anything else network!